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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

C is for Corgi 'Crocks' - Edwardian Style

A small number of the Corgi range are of what we would call 'old fashioned people' as children, now - of course - I know they are Edwardian - and still not that 'old fashioned' when I was a nipper! As far as I can tell, several of them were also supplied to Dinky...

...of whom the couple in the main picture to the left above are some along with the seated pair to the right in the upper inset. The first couple are very much typical Corgi in a hard'ish PVC, but the other - pinkish - trio, are a very soft, almost silicone-like synthetic rubber. This may be a clue as to which is Corgi and which Dinky?

The other chap is starting a car with a starting handle...who remembers doing that, when I was a kid I well remember starting cars with a starting handle when the starters failed on cold mornings, and as a teenager trying to start a tractor without breaking my arm!!

The other couple; bottom right, are the inimitable Jeeves and his daft charge Bertie Wooster.

The other figures from the range in Edwardian dress ore the characters from the film Chitty-chitty Bang-bang, which was produced in two sizes, the Husky/Corgi Juniors box-size, which in this case is a good OO gauge-compatible 20-odd mm's. The larger Corgi model is around 1:48 (I think Corgi stated 1:43 for their models?) and the children are separate mouldings, rather than a single piece.

The reason they are in the same pose in both sizes is probably down to the licence agreement tying Corgi into the use of a single  recognisable pre-movie press-release image?

And yes...that's a banana...I didn't have a piece of flower-arrangers oasis and couldn't find my pumice-block!!

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