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Monday, January 13, 2014

K is for Kosmic Kit!

I've been hideously busy for the last week so you've only got two days to track these down if you haven't found them yet - although they will probably be reissued a couple of times over the next year or so going on previous performance of these freebies...although that should be measured against the fact that the magazine has gone from weekly to bi-weekly in the last year?

Four, free, approximately 54mm, polystyrene plastic, clip-together, figure kit sprues...in one issue! What's not to like? They come with a pack of the usual collector cards and various other 'old stock' (mostly previously issued stationary sets), if you're lucky you get the T.A.R.D.I.S. pencil top (with notebook), compatible with OO gauge.

There is a least one left in the Sainsbury's by Basingrad's station - as I saw it there tonight and left it (I was tired and not thinking straight!). I will be looking at more Who stuff as soon as I've sorted out the photographs. HMA for Dr. Who Adventures magazine....get 'em if you can.

They aren't the best kits, fit will require filling before painting, but I've seen worse...and they are Free!


Anonymous said...

were can I get these matt

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Matt

They were issued with a magazine few weeks ago, but they will probably be issued again in about 6-9 months time! Just keep an eye-out for them...Cheers


Jan Ferris said...

What magazine were these miniature "monsters" issued from?

Hugh Walter said...

Dr. Who Adventures magazine Jan...They do re-issue then occasionally, do you want me to look out for them?


Jan Ferris said...

Very kind of you. Yes, please.