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Thursday, February 20, 2014

E is for eMail

At some point in the last 24 hours my Hotmail was compromised and some stuff has been sent out to people in my address book...don't open it, it will be some sort of spam. I seem to be back in control now? Anything with today's date is suspect as I've only just found this out (18:40hrs) H


So I think I've replied to everyone who got the spam-mails, it was the most bizarre hacking, they seem to have sent quite innocuous links to Mining Companies, Good Housekeeping and a Stationary Wholesaler!

The lesson for everyone is change your password occasionally (I haven't changed mine for years) and make it complicated (mine was geographical, numerical and had punctuation), but don't rely on it because it's a good one, in the end a robot-programme  will get through.

I was hacked at 6.40am while asleep with the laptop turned off, so this was an automated attack on Hotmail's servers, by 6.44 they had sent 10 emails from my account to 60-odd people from my address book, and moved-on...to someone else's account no doubt!

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