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Monday, April 28, 2014

News, Views...etc...Space Candles

Tom Clague has sent me this picture, which he took in a store 'down-under' somewhere...

As Tom pointed out they are Matchbox sculpts...as candles! I did Google Noup Design and couldn't find them but I did find ten-stud Lego bars as candles and cartoon bombs with fuses!

Tom makes music of a trancy ethereal nature, and gives it away! Details of the new album - which features Airfix astronauts on the cover and mentions Gerry Anderson - are here;

Mood Processor

and the free download is here;


In other news, I updated the Foreign Terms and Figures pages yesterday and should add some more to the Khaki Infantry page today.


Paul Foster said...


$20 for five candles? I just hope that they are scented although I am not that sure I want to know what a GI smells like.

Now a GI Jane on the other hand...

Maverick Collecting said...

What's that in earth money?!!!!

As to GI Jane...I had something similar as a dark-soul'd teenager; all black wax and wrapped round a snake if memory serves...not wearing much!

Album is very good, if you like that type of music, was playing it earlier.


Anonymous said...

I've had a listen too, better than the last one. Moody but gentler?


Maverick Collecting said...

Yes, more ethereal!