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Thursday, May 1, 2014

News, Views Etc...Plastic Warrior 154

Well, as always it seems, I'm well behind with the PW review, and the next one is probably due! What's worse is I saw Paul about three weeks ago and mentioned that I meant to do it and would post something  in a day or two!

Still, by doing it now it will raise brand-awareness as we race toward the next PW show!

For you delight and information this issue;

* Britains 'Eyes Right' sets - US Band, Marine Corps Band and Colour Party and the Bahamians by John Begg.
* A glance at Colin Penn's collection.
* Editorial interview with new manufacturer Austin Miniatures.
* Arthur Belshaw produces Zouaves at Converter's Corner.
* Alwyn Brice continues with the Elastolin he hoovered-up while interviewing people in their own homes for Collector's Whatzit
* A boxed set filled with VP Khaki Infantry is inspected.
* P L Cunha looks at various depictions of Napoleon in plastic.
* Book Review this issue looks at the work on Spot-On by a team of authors, critiqued by Colin Penn.
* What the !&*$? has question marks on Elephants, Cowboys, Circus and Civilians including skiers.
* Media Models looks at the work of artist Joe Black.
* Updates on...
- Publius and Engineer Bassevitch (Mathias Berthoux) and Own (Paul Stadinger, both; letters)
* In addition to the Russians and Chinese mentioned above - new products covered this month include figures from...
- A Call to Arms
- Armies in Plastic
- Pegasus
- Expeditionary Force
- and more on Publius
* Plus all the usual small-ads, news and views, including Vestry House Museum, Modelzone, British Model Soldier Society and the Pacific Northwest Toy Soldier Association.
* Readers letters this issue cover Johnnie Walker, Eyes Right standards, news on the Birmingham show (more to come on that!), Marx website, Bonux premiums and Horrible Histories.
* While  cover images this quarter are a shot of the VP set on the front and a Timpo Zoo Animals tradesman's sample on the back.

All in glorious technicolourfulness!

Which leaves me to remind you the PW show will be on the 24th, three weeks from this Saturday!

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