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Thursday, May 1, 2014

S is for Spidy, Spiderman, Super Heros and Slow-mo (Mr. Banner getting angry!)

A real box-ticking exercise this one (and an ongoing clear-out of Picasa!), contemporary (2011) chocolate-egg toys by someone who's not Ferrero/Kinder! Actually; 'Mon Desir'.

Made of polystyrene they are probably what are known as 'deforms' but not 'super-deforms'. Also; they appear to have been designed to hold things as 'ring-hands' but the swallow-ability factor seems to have prevented that idea being carried forward.

Probably a set of 12, I know there are at least two more to track-down still; The Thing and a lady spider-person! I think the most useful figure is the white one (ghost-man?) as he can be painted to any super-hero that takes you fancy!


Anonymous said...

did you manage to collect them all?

Hugh Walter said...

Haha, Nope!

I found them on the Internet and made a note of the ones I 'need', but they are modern and will turn-up in some mixed lot at some point!