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Sunday, June 22, 2014

M is for Musketeers...or 'Mousquetaires'

Good old 'The Works'; how many times have I named them here now? Currently carrying a whole bunch of board games by Rio Grand / Ystari, only one has useful figures, and at 9.99, you might argue a bit pricey for the five, but if you're a board game geek...a bargain!

The box...that's it; it's a box! I think I took too many photographs for covering something I know so little about!

The other contents...I'm not a board game geek, but have had enough experience with board games to surmise that this is going to take longer to learn than to play...once you've learnt it. Therefore this is mostly going straight in the recycling, the dice will go in the dice bag and the timer looks useful...for eggs?

But the figures are really quite sublime sculpts in that 'gamers' size of around 28mm (I didn't measure them and they're in the loft now!) They remind me of the figures Charles Stadden sculpted for Tri-ang Minimodel's 'Spanish Gold', with the swords and things sticking out everywhere! The lady is the sort of baddy!

A close-up of the detail on these figures, they are a stiff PVC (or soft polypropylene?) which holds a lot of fine detail, and are multi-part assembled in the factory.

Available now in The Works who are also stocking the astronaut/shuttle pencil-top I covered a while back. Some of the other games they are carrying at the moment have wooden 'flats' of figures, and if you are a BBG, you need to get down there as you'll probably like most of them!

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