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Thursday, June 5, 2014

M is for Mysterious Moonmen

Can anyone put a name or other details to this? Adrian had it on his stall at Plastic warrior the other weekend, and it's hard to pin down. Seems to be French, but was trilingual on the other sides (English/German), figures are 1970's in appearance and don't have a 'style' or if they do it's more German or 'Kinder Egg' Italian than either French or Spanish?

They are about 54mm, with large square, rounded-cornered, flat bases. Each has four spigots on his chest, attached to each spigot is a small length of insulating wire, the other end of each is then attached to either his backpack or a piece of separate equipment.

The figures are also 'swoppet' like, with separate heads and helmets, swivel arms and the plug-ins. The scenery is card with separate pieces slotted into the base-card and with no obvious weapons in evidence are clearly meant to be astronauts not 'space men'!

Any ideas? the 'de luxe' brings to mind Starlux, did they experiment with ethylene swoppets toward the end?

07th Nov. 2015 - A little bird tells me (from an anonymous Blogger ID with one 'profile view' - mine!) that they are JEM/Norev, so they were French! Tag list adjusted accordingly. Thank-you anonymous!

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