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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

P is for P..p..per...Pick-up a Penguin!

Another quick follow-up to recent posts...

I picked-up two additions to the Vitacup sets, a penguin which wasn't in the list of animals still to find in the previous post, so there may still be more out there to track down? And a variation of the little deer/buck.

When I first saw him I assumed my existing example must be damaged, so bought him, but when I got him home and compared the two figures it was clear that both are complete mouldings, they are not glued on as an afterthought; it's two differing mouldings. Which came first is anyone's guess, they may have removed the antlers to protect children's fingers (1960's? I doubt it, you learnt from painful mistakes in those days!), or they may have added them to differentiate between the two deer, sex-wise?

The rest are here

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