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Saturday, June 21, 2014

T is for That There Interweb Thing

A return to our irregular round-up of Toy Soldier related 'stuff' on the Internet...

Knitted Toy Soldier

Life-sized Card Toy Soldier

Personalised Toy Soldier Mug

Toy soldiers in art from 1876, I can see French Zouaves and Cuirassiers? (Lucotte/Mignot?)

Antonio Mancini - Boy with Toy Soldiers

For hollow-cast fans; auction news of a major collection coming-up for sale next weekend in the States;

OTSA - present the James A. Henderson collection

British Pathe visits Peter Cushing with his model soldier collection...

Peter Cushing and his Toy Soldiers


Ed and Bettina Berg said...

Hugh, as ever I'm playing catch-up and finally caught this post. Love the old Pathe' films to begin with but this was fascinating (to me) for two reasons. I never knew Cushing was an avid collector nor had I ever heard of H.G. wells 'Little Wars' book. I gotta get on the ball LOL


Hugh Walter said...

Hey there Ed...Little Wars has been reprinted a few times over the years so should be easy to track down on Amazon, and your fellow American; Paul Stadinger (Stads list) - was one of the dealers who got hold of some of the Cushing collection, but that was way back '95/96! I think I got some Merten or Preiser from it, off him, but the provenance was ummm 'hearsay'!