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Saturday, July 5, 2014

C is for Carded Combination, from Cavendish

Another bag/card combination from the recent Plastic Warrior show, and another bag/card combination which is considerably more substantial than the contents, although the ratio of spare space to packaging is not as wide as it was with the Tudor *Rose set we looked at the other day!

I had in my listings for Cavendish an entry which read;

Knights (ex-Timpo or Lone*Star?)
- Knights

It now reads;

Knights (ex-Timpo and Lone*Star solid foot and Timpo Swoppet mounted, carded bag of 3/5 foot and/or 1/2 mounted or similar sized mix of figures, header card artwork by Peter Harris)
- Foot Knights (ex-Lone*Star)
- Foot Knights (ex-Timpo solids)
- Mounted Knights (ex-Timpo 'swoppets')

The artwork for this card was actually designed by Peter Harris...those close to the hobby will know that Peter is a well known collector/dealer most famous (perhaps unfairly) for a couple of landslides involving his stock tables a few years ago! An indication of the amount of stuff on his tables! Sadly; I believe he was 'only' a graphic designer back then and failed to ask the questions of the client he might do today, such as "Can I have one of everything and what are you going to do with those moulds in the corner?"!

I suspect that the early silver swoppet knights by Timpo may also have been issued in these bags, as Toyway seem to have inherited all of them together?

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