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Friday, July 11, 2014

News, Views Etc...Plastic Warrior 155

Only a few weeks behind this time, a quick look at PW 155 which - as the editor points out - ended-up being a bit of a 'Cherilea Special', more by accident than design...

Keeping us interested this issue;

* Cherilea desk-calender girls.
* Cherilea spacemen follow-up by Marx (No; by Jim Lloyd!).
* Cherilea in Vereston clothing.
* Giant Cowboys and Indians (but not Giant; Bang Bang Kid).
* Colin Penn covers Tri-ang Spot-On's 35mm figures in depth with the help of a new book (reviewed in issue 154).
* Fontanini stauettes are looked at by PW's roving reporter Peter Evans.
* Fred Barrett explains the building of a Roman Mile-fort.
* My personal favourite this month (I love a thematic 'round-up') - Brad DeSanis looks at musicians in uniform, and over two pages covers 34 figures from a couple of dozen makers.
* This issue's Book Review studies the latest in Alain Thomas's growing oeuvre; Clairet, co-authored with Daniel Trombetta, the review (raveing advert?) provided by Andy Partridge.
* Fellow blogger Brian Carrick visits the larger figures of Rodeo riders and clowns from New Ray.
* What the !&*$? has question marks on a seated 'flyboy' (Tri-ang Mettoy/Minic?) and early British 'Khaki Infantry'.
* Coverage of new products includes... A Call to Arms and some unknown Chinese pound-shop blister-card civilians.
* Reader's Letters  is very busy this issue with correspondence on Engineer Bassevitch, Bookends, Flats, and Elastolin's 40mm medievals (all illustrated), a question on Bentalls (that needs answering), feedback on 154's What the !&*$?, and someone lost on a transport network.
* While  cover images this quarter are a shot of the Cherilea calender girl set on the front and the Marx Spacemen on the back.
* Plus all the usual small-ads, news and views, including Birmingham Show update and Pathe newsreels.

All still in glorious technicolourfulness!

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