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Saturday, July 19, 2014

News, Views etc...Posting Elsewhere! (rant alert)

I know my posting rate has dropped-off this year, but with real life stuff and the fact that I'm running out of stuff in the attic to blog, while everything else is still in storage have both affected what I can post, but there will be a steady'ish trickle of new'ish stuff...

This week I was also posting on another site - the STS Animal Collectors Forum;


 JK of Hong Kong

 Tudor Rose

If you collect things other than military figures I would recommend it, they are a friendly bunch without the out-and-out competitiveness or bitchiness you get on some forums. And they have an animal-wiki attached;

Toy Animal Info.

I've also been posting original content elsewhere without my knowledge or permission....

This little shit;


...has copied all the documentation and most of the other images from my two EKO articles, presumably this means he doesn't mind me taking his stuff and putting it up here in English? As he seem to have stolen a lot of stuff from other people/books, I shall refrain!

While this plagiarist thief;

 Ghislain Oubreyrie

...has taken the diver images from the Kellogg's post and carefully cut round them! He's also cut round the Toysmith divers regularly found on eBay and is passing them off as Kellogg's originals, but the Toysmith ones have aluminium alloy plugs while the originals were tin, which tended to rust. Again, the little-dick has lots of useful stuff I could take reciprocally and post here in the universal language - if I chose to?

All you thieving pirates (Henk, Rudik, Ward as well) need to understand one thing...if/when I can afford it I will engage legal representation in your own countries and sue you (or your web-service provider/publisher/printer) for the price of a small house!

I publish original content, OR I credit fully with permission/link-backs, OR I flag up dodgy origin with a caveat, I also understand the law of copyright both off and on the internet. You don't; you're all inadequate, poxy little neuro-typical, farty-arsed fuckwits relying on others to do your 'work' for you.

So....lots of 'Smallscaleworld' on the web, just not all of it published here in the last few days, and not all of it original!


Anne O'Leary said...

Those feckers ought to be put up against a wall and shot. Nasty little gobshites. Send them to me and I'll send 'em back in a pine box :0)

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks for the offer Anne, but I think it's enough to shame them here.

That EKO site - he's hoovered-up everything anyone's ever published on the subject along with half-a-hundred eBay lot images! BUT...he's probably well pleased and thinks he's done a good job!

They leave school these days thinking the Internet is a free-for-all, and it's only making it easier for the powers-that-be to clamp down (which I'm not in favour of)...maybe a pine box after all...


Francis Lee said...


Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Francis...if this was Facebook, I just hit the 'Like' button then wrote LOL - which I've sworn never to write!