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Friday, July 11, 2014

S is for UNA, U is for Speedwell?

As well as the welcome additions to the Khaki Infantry page he's made, Barney Brown also sent these eight images from his website's sales page (you've missed them but he does keep adding nice bits as he finds them!).

The last time we looked at these...

U is for Usurpers

They were generally believed to be Speedwell, having previously been pencilled-in as Charbens, Kentoys or Trojan, they are now suspected to also be the figures listed in an UNA catalogue/advert.

The 'Good Guys'; Little John with his staff, Maid Marion and her Beau; Robin of Loxley, there was also a figure of Friar Tuck, who can be seen in the previous post.

The 'Bad Guys'; The horrible Sheriff of Nottingham and two of his goons. As far as I know a boxed set has yet to surface by either Speedwell or UNA, so which was which is open to question, as there are only two or three paint variations or plastic colour variations for each figure - that might be a clue - but when you look at the variations each company had in its Khaki Infantry range, I suspect it may one day be clear that while they both listed Robin Hood figures - only one actually got them to market, or that they both sold common stock and there's nothing to tell between them?

Barney's Website/Shop (and he's just listed some nice ACW sets!)

Herald Toys and Models

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