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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

C is for Carded Cowboys (and Indians)

When you are sorting all the non-Giant from your pile of mixed small-scale Hong Kong shite, these are easy to separate...

Unmarked bases, mixture of Crescent and Britains Swoppet foot poses and the two mounted figures from Lone Star, these - of course - get separated-out further by unscrupulous dealers and sold on feeBay for silly BIN's as Lone Star! There are several copies of these LS mounted figures the others tending toward more or downright blobbyness.

They always appear in this colour-way, so other similar figures are from other sources, the only variation I've found is some batches have a slightly metallic green of a more herby shade ('errby' over the pond or 'air'bee' if you're a pretentious chef!), it's a very poor photograph I'm afraid, but I've just cropped it out of a much bigger show-plunder image, remembering I had them in a shot!

Hummm...ten figures by ten figures, switching from the invasive species to native fauna halfway down the card...they're not wrong; 50 Cowboys and 50 Indians...Hold on! There's a red cowboy - bottom left? I've been cheated! I'd take it back for a refund but they went bust in '79 when the Key Market was replaced by Waitrose.

I present to you the incredibly rare 51 Cowboys and 49 Indians set with the world famous printing-error!


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Are you sure thats not an indian wearing a white man's hat and clothes like his red freind with the lasso?
Or is that 48 and 52?

I remember who excited I was when I found the wwii/modern version.

Hugh Walter said...

Doh! It's turning into a kind'a disaster!