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Sunday, August 17, 2014

M is for Mortars and Missiles from Micro Machines

Not so much a lazy-post today as a close look at the minutiae of one small corner of the Toy Soldier universe, and it's nice sometimes to compare like with like...I was looking for something else someone was looking for, and found a bunch of Galoob photo's in the files, that I took a while ago, so a few posts from them coming-up!

Shoulder-launched hardware...at the back we have the poorer two, sculpting-wise; a MAW / HOT / TOW 'thingy' and in front of it something which is supposed to be an RPG-7! Then the out-of-scale accessory from earlier MM sets, a Milan ATGW, I think I've posed it facing the wrong-way, but it matters not as the operator is too busy hand-rolling a cigarette to pay attention!

Front-right we have Dragon TOW's on long and short poles, while the rear is defended from sneaky-beaky shitty-Sukhoi attack by a Stinger SAM.

Mortar line...three tubes were modelled, from left to right they are the early Micro Machine (unnumbered) 80mm mortar, the accessory mortar which does good service as a 120mm type and the slightly-oversized later (numbered base) 51mm/2" personal mortar, which is probably meant to be another 80mil (a lot of the late figures are mere blobs), but for war-gaming modern era, that's three mortar-classes done!

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