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Monday, August 25, 2014

N is for Nice

Back to Britains box-ticking with this post, these are still very common, the only problematical aspect is the pole arms which were polystyrene and are breaking faster than the figures get damaged, so you often find the figures without weapons, or with damaged weapons, or 'borrowed' Timpo or other tools!

I really like them none-the-less, as we had them as kids and being Hong Kong-for-Herald PVC they took a lot of punishment...except the pole-arms! And they were/are nice sculpts, possibly early Ron Cameron work?

This was my collection about 18 months ago, a reasonable sample but missing a few of the variants. Basically; there are two paint versions for each figure although with the chaps in plate armour it's a minor thing.

A year ago I bought a junk lot off Mike Melnyk which had three of the four I was looking for, but I've now lost them in the 'to be sorted' zone of the attic, so this shot I took at the time is all I've got to go on! Blue version of the black pole-arm bloke, red version of the swordsman (who will need the white versions base!) and a yellow-crested shield-guy, I'm just looking for a red-crested version of the other pole-arm equipped figure now.

To go deeper into the variation thing - you can look for different shield stickers, the goldie-coloured silver, both shades of yellow and variations on the belt painting of blue/black pole-arm man. Mounted and siege crew another day...

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