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Saturday, August 23, 2014

T is for Thundercats

Something I totally missed at the time, which might explain why I only have the two examples, more likely though is that they are not that numerous, and would seem to have held a value which I think is beyond what they are - recent vinyl product from the age of mass production - more numerous, younger collectors?

Apparently this chap is called Mumm-Ra, he's about 60/70mm (attic!) and made by Galoob, I'm guessing here from standard kids cartoon tropes that he's a 'bad guy' - bad teeth, green skin, hood, links to Egyptian mythology, chunky wristbands...?

A 'good guy' from LJN (Lewis J. Norman, the reverse of Norman J. Lewis; founder), the chap's called Wily (or Willy) Cat, and is a titular 'Thundercat', we know it's a 'he' because there was a more svelte-looking Wily Kit! He came carded with a larger, jointed action figure.

I was planning another subject for this post, but by some act of serendipity I discovered an arcade in Reading on Thursday I didn't know was there, despite passing it countless times. Looking for something else I found two collectors shops next to each other, the one being all trains and die-cast I avoided due to finances, but fatally went into t'other and found Wily Cat, not cheap but couldn't not have him join the collection.

I had the picture of Mumm-Ra in the Galoob photo-set I've been picking from, so after a quick Google had this brief post, which adds to the tag-list with some esoteric - if modern - stuff!

The shop is Reading Collectors Centre and it's in the Harris Arcade just out of the train station, as you walk up to the town centre, on the left-hand side opposite where the buses stop...

Reading Collectors Centre

I think I was in No.14, which is mostly comics, records and a few action figures, the private display cabinets have some lovely bits and pieces in though, the whole set of R&L Crater Critters, the Thunderbird cereal premiums..I'll be back to look at No.15!

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