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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

RV is for Regular Visit!

Back to The Works , which if you are a regular here, you will know I might as well be the prime advertising agency for! Sadly they don't give me a penny for all the publicity I give them, but hey! These are from a few weeks ago, but Internet has been problematical recently...Voda-no-fone! [Accurately; Voda-intermittent-pricey-fone]

So, as I say a visit the other week, it's all ephemeral, eclectic stuff which - I know - leaves the purists thinking "What the hell?...", but there you are, I try to cover a little bit of everything, and this pocket-full ticks a few boxes;

Pencil Tops, erasers, Sky TV, zombies, moles, monkeys, media toys...all for £4.24, which I spent so you wouldn't have to!

Close-ups, on the top row are the Ugo la Talpa figurines (by Giochi Preziosi), these are a Sky (Italy) character, presumably now on the clearance warehouse list somewhere and snapped-up by The Works for sale-on here in the dis-UK. They are flocked with the exception of accessories and the 'oscar' (Ugar?), although his base is flocked.

The semi-flat zombies (Bluesky - who also made the spaceman topper we looked at a while ago) are hideous, and are only here for the sake of completeness, seemingly transfer-printed onto Identical cut-outs, I later went back to check and all the cards have the same three images and the same duplicate figure. The monkey climbers (also Bluesky) are also supposed to hold the pencils up, but their bottoms aren't flat enough, so you have to prop them-up!

On the same trip I found these in Poundland, a 'Lucky Bag' (Funtastic) with no sweets and some pretty poor contents, but...it's a pound


M-7 said...

OK - I had to put my glasses on, but at first glance the Ugo la Talpa - ,well I thought they were the Banana Splits...! The Toy Fun Bag is great because it comes with a Tim-Mee(processed plastics) like flame thrower pose (bottem left) I've never seen before, with the Chinese Desert Storm figures.
Thanks much..

Hugh Walter said...

Yes, and of course the pack shows nice shiny copies of Matchbox, but all you get inside is a sticker of the standing firing pose!