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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

T is for Talk Like a Retard

I can't believe how fuckwitted I am sometimes...actually - after being diagnosed; it's not a question of believing, just accepting! I posted on facebook weeks ago that 'Talk Like a Pirate' day was due...then I go and forget the day itself! Well, I'm not going to wait until next year (19th September...bloody 19TH!) to post these - which I got especially for TLAP day, soooo....

Those of you who know me, or who have followed the blog long enough will know I don't rate poured resin, for several reasons; it's a cheap technology - that's usually expensive at retail; yes, its a polymer, but it's not really 'plastic' being more brittle than the 'olin compositions it's replaced; it's obvious at 20 paces unless modelling a smooth solid; paint's often a questionable...I just don't like it very much!

But...these work quite well, yes they look like resin at 20 paces, yes the painting is questionable...but the pallet works and they've photographed well (note to self, more all black backgrounds, less pale or colours), and they are quite evocative as a group. Clearly influenced by the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, they are also a bit effete-looking, but it works.

They are by an unknown maker and I don't know how many other poses might be in  a full set, they all seem to have used the same model (check the faces!) and while I got them in a cake decorators, they were probably aimed at the tourist/museum trade? The two chaps with small buckler shields might look good in a Highland war band (where they'd be 'targes') and the animated pose I've photographed from both sides is particularly nice I think?

Still don't rate resin though...

Feb. 2018 - According to Peter Evans - who knows about these things - they were imported from China by a company called Elgate "...a few years ago...", so I'll add that to the tag list!


Bernard said...

They look like girls with a romatic inclination that disguised themselves wearing false moustaches, grizzly beards en eye patches to get on board the Black Pearl.

Hugh Walter said...

Yes! I thought the second from the left was a female pirate until I got it home and had a better look at it..but they still 'work' as a group I think...maybe it's just me!


Phil said...

Beautiful minis!

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Phil, they have a 'charm'! H