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Sunday, October 5, 2014

A is for Ackerman

Already in the tag list so must have covered something else by them, Ackerman are a UK importer (what the Americans call a 'Jobber') who get the products (from the Far East) marked-up with their own logo or identity...although sometimes only as a sticker.

I picked these up in a local discount store the other day for one of your English pounds, so about 2 of anything else! I would imaging they are easy to find in party stores, either on the high street or on-line.

Despite being made in China and so cheap, they are well moulded, and while I initially thought they might be the old click-together moulds from 1970's Italy, they are in fact slightly simpler models, but I have a soft spot for motorcycles, so had to have a set!

Close-ups of the not-so-girly vehicles, the three cards the vendor had were all the same, although colours of parts varied, but the mix re. duplications remained the same, yet the blisters are designed to take any of the models, so there may be different combinations out there.

I'm going to try and do the alphabet in a month; that's A out of the way, I'm off to click Ackerman in the tag list and see what else I've covered, as I know the bulk of their stuff hasn't been blogged yet!

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