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Sunday, October 5, 2014

B is for Boley

Boley are (or were, I think they recently folded?) another Jobber, this time the right side of the pond to carry the moniker. Importing various China-sourced bits of plastic tat, these are at the bottom end, their HO railway related range of big-rigs and AFV's being quite good...for knock-offs!

Aaahh! The ubiquitous Airfix British Paratroops (with M1 helmets!) make another appearance...aided by the equally commonly pirated Matchbox bazooka-man, German MG-gunner and a couple of Tim-Mee/MPC types to give us a sniper and mortar! Freindlies in green, orange-force in grey...that's how it works in Toyland!

Airfix-wannabe Indians and a mix of Britains and Crescent + Cowboys...the Indians get some nice colours, while the cowboys are a very pallid snot-grey! I think I got these a couple of years ago, they're a bit small at 50mm and probably getting harder to find, but then,; if you weren't feeding a blog...would you want them! B for Boley!

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