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Sunday, October 5, 2014

C is for Cherilea

At the other end of the spectrum (from the proceeding two posts of modern shite) comes this rare and collectable shite!

I've literally just found these two images in the Cherilea file, where they shouldn't be...if they haven't yet been used on the blog..so they may both have so starred already...apologies if that's the case, but now we're over the 1k of posts this will happen occasionally!

These were photographed in a show-and-tell round a mates house a year or so ago, and I know the rest are still in Picasa on the laptop, so; ? Anyway, previously-shown or not...they're the first version [semi-]swoppet knights. Rare as rocking horse do-do and rather crudely executed, but oozing 'toy-charm'. Note - little dagger on the middle figure and what looks like Joan D'Arc's breast-plate (geddit!) on the left-hand figure.

These are always broken (I think I've written that before, so he probably IS on the blog somewhere?), 50mm and there's a similar Arab to make the pair, getting one complete is becoming harder and harder.

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