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Monday, October 6, 2014

J is for 'Hexan'

In the UK 'Swoppets' tends to mean either the quality of Britains (who invented the term that - through generification - has become THE word for all multi-part figures) or the colours of Timpo for the cheaper, commoner figure we all had a few of. But - in fact - most companies had a go at swoppets, changables, plug-ins or whatever they chose to call them and these are a rather nice carded example from the Spanish company of Jecsan;

You get a cowboy and an Indian in the same blister, so a story can be acted-out as soon as you open it, but far nicer is that the smaller blister contains a whole bunch of accessories, far more than each figure needs at any one point; spear/lance, shield, knife, two revolvers, rifle/carbine, shield, bow, tomahawk and Stetson. so lots of play-value, even if up to the point of being given this, you'd had no figures at all.

The figures are also nicely animated...far better than most Timpo, that's for sure! But a bit bigger than the UK standard 54mm, at around 60mil.

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