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Monday, October 6, 2014

K is for Knights Knot Known

I think we may have had that heading before too! Also; I DO know something about these, I know they are Portuguese and I know they were premiums, but beyond that I don't know who made them, or what product they were presented with?

These are about 40mm, and go very well with the Starlux knights and medievals by Merten and Elastolin, in fact they look like they might have been sculpted by the same hand that produced the Starlux figures? Anybody know who made them or what they were issued with? Ajax washing powder?

Added 17-06-2015: More  on them in Portuguese here.


James O'Connell said...

I have the original Starlux figure of the ball and chain knight so that one is definitely a copy.

Hugh Walter said...

That'll be it then, they probably all are, I only have a few (of the Starlux)and they are mostly damaged, but the look was definitely there! Thanks James.


mathias said...

Hello Hugh,
I think they're just maybe unpainted Starlux 40mm .

mathias said...

I've seen the photo in deetail... They're not.

Hugh Walter said...

Hi Mathias - No they are soft plastic, and I was assured they were Portuguese, it's just I didn't recognise they were Starlux poses...I did think they looked 'like' Startlux! And I need a brand for the premium...Ajax maybe? Their premiums were often white?...

"Whiter than white"!!!