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Saturday, October 25, 2014

T is for Tobler (or SR?)

This was being sold by the dealer as an SR item, but I suspect it's Tobler, only because it matches the illustrations in the Tobler catalogue doing the rounds a while back - I'll leave you to decide! Is it a Renault?

As with a lot of early metal makers, Tobler's range was given as being 55mm, but the vehicles were sub-scale, presumably to keep them within a price bracket? As a result this is perfect for small-scale/25mm WWI and inter-war stuff, as shown by the Blue Box German officer flagging it down!

Right...and err...wrong! See comments, it is SR and it might be Tobler...wondered what all the points were for! Got Tobler in the Tag-list though...


Brian Carrick said...

Hi Hugh, Tobler never made their own figures, they make chocolate and are best known for Toblerone. The figures in the Tobler catalogue were offered as premiums and were made by several different prominent French manufacturers of the day, that's why they vary in size from 45mm - 65mm. Each figure cost so many points and you collected the chocolate wrappers which were also worth so many points each and sent them in to claim your figure. The larger the figure the more points it cost. The truck in this post was made by SR (Simon et Rivolet) as were all the artillery in the Tobler catalogue.

Best wishes, Brian

Hugh Walter said...

Hmmmm....so I was right AND wrong! That's a clever trick!

Thanks Brian...I'll tweak the post later, I'm about to run out of Internet credit!