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Sunday, November 30, 2014

News, Views Etc...Plastic Warrior 156 (at last...I'm hopeless!)

I've managed to procrastinate for so long in doing this review a new issue is probably due, but there's been real-life stuff recently. Still - there's no reason for my not having done it a couple of months ago?!!

Still available as a back issue though; last [quarter's] magazine featured;

* Supreme / SP Napoleonics reviewed and compared with existing figures by Ashley Needham.
* Brain Carrick studies the casein-based 'Ivorene' composition history and figures.
* OWN (Overall War Nation)  production is looked at by PW's guest reporter Paul 'Stads' Stadinger.
* Lone Star provides its RAC roadside service set and figures for inspection
* Large scale cowboys from Tudor Rose courtesy of Joe Bellis.
* Daniel Morgan's 'Notes and Queries' on Herald continues with the Highland figures (real eye-candy!).
* 'What's New' includes... 
  • Replicants - Mounted medievals
  • Publius - Figures for the Battle of Pipus Lake
  • Armies in Plastic (AIP) - Loads for military elephants of the colonial period (for the supplied Schlicht elephant)
  • Emhar - WWI American Infantry (I don't have much to do with new production but these look really nice)
* Part 3 of Andreas Dittmann's overview of Linde production reaches the Karl May cowboy figures
*Alwyn Brice continues with 40mm Elastolin...who knew!
* My favourite this month - Peter Evans looks at Tim-mee clowns (which I've spent the last two months looking out for on feeBay with no luck, as I have some HK copies to compare!)
* Editorial update on Cherilea-Marx-Tibidabo spacemen.
* Reader's Letters  packs an awful lot into three pages;
  • Some know-it-all's sent in some Khaki Infantry stuff!
  • Mathias Berthoux has contributed a timely letter on Publius to complement the above article, and ID's a Salza figure from a previous issue (which might have a connection with JSF)
  • P.L. Cunha reviews his recent purchase of A Call to Arms Normans
  • Andrew Pearce make an interesting point on Vietnam War figures
  • Thoughts on figure production with war gaming in mind from Fred Barrett
  • Notes on the PW show from Fred, Peter Spackman and Chris Owen
  • Antipodean feedback from James Peter Young
* Plus all the usual small-ads, news and views and some fine compositions from Andreas Dittmann (any HW's?)
* Cover images this issue are a shot of the PW compositions and a shot of the Battle of Lewes using Replicants figures from Peter Cole with a scratch-built Windmill by Daniel Morgan

All continuing to be presented in perfect technicolourfulness!


Mike Niederman said...

eBay seller the300spartans had Tim-Mee circus figures last month. He's an all-plastics guy, mostly Marx, but lots of other vintage makes.
BTW I tried sending an email and a couple of pictures to the address on your blog, and it bounced. Is it still active?

Hugh Walter said...

Hi Mike...I'm not looking that hard! More being conversational, and I need to find the clip-on candle-holders for the Hong Kong ones first, so it's an 'on-going'!

I've just had this to my eMail, so it should work and contributions always welcome....


(drop the square brackets!) H