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Monday, January 19, 2015

F is for Fould or Foulds Figurines

I am around, just been indulging in real-life (how selfish!) and this week I've been busy over on the Airfix blog, adding stuff!

This is all I know about these figurines;

Edgar Rice Boroughs E'zine...scroll down about half-way.

But...I'm not even sure that's right, I mean; clearly the figurines go with/are for the toy theatre, but I can find nothing else about 'Fould' without an 's' and the order-form in the link isn't enlargeable to check spelling. As I have squirrelled away all sorts of stuff over the years I know that a company called Foulds & Freure (with an 's') were importers of Japanese and European toys (to America) between the wars, I suspect these (the link's subjects) are them? There's nothing on either name in Garratt.

The figures illustrated above, will be originals. probably from Germany (?), and are about 8 inches high, hollow, slip-cast bisque (or;Parian Porcelain) mouldings in the style of Fairings, which they may well have been issued as over here...there..Europe. Doh!

29th Jan 2015 - Paul 'Stads' Stadinger has sent a link with further information....

Hakes Dot Com

Thanks for that Paul (both Pauls!)., and it's a different Foulds altogether, in fact it's Gem Clay...when it's not Heinz!

"In 1932 the Gem Clay Forming Co. produced a series of Tarzan plaster statues which were offered by various sponsors ........ The insert sheets/sets varied for the different sponsors. One side features images of the 10 numbered statues along w/color chart and offer blank. Opposite side advertises Foulds/Heinz products. The main difference is the statues offered. Most are same from set to set, with a few exceptions. Foulds offers "Three Monkeys" and "Witch Doctor" statues while Heinz offers "Kerchak The Ape" and "French Sailor" statues and sheets have different layouts".


cem özdoğan said...

very cool figures. nice collection.wish to have plastic of mines.

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Cem... they're not mine though, I shot them on a mate's stall at a show!