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Saturday, February 21, 2015

D is for Digging in the Dirt

More treasures came out of the veg-patch this summer....well; more little scraps of shite reappeared! More pre-loved items were rescued from their abandonment?

A very useful set of Cherilea Union Infantry legs, half a Lego (Kiddy-Bricks TM) towing hitch and a bucket seat from a large 'garden' tractor - best place to find that then!

More Lego, a plastic Mecanno nut, a small blow-moulded mouse...sans eyes, sans tail, sans everything! Another chunk of large tractor...or large chunk of tractor? if I keep digging long enough I may end-up with the whole machine!

The paratrooper nearly got thrown on the bonfire, I thought he was a muddy piece of chopped holly tree, but as I picked him up to chuck him flame'wards, my middle finger slipped behind his knees and my brain though "just like when you're inspecting one of those Hong Kong paratroops", looked down; and he was saved!


Paul´s Bods said...

When I used to re-do peoples gardens i found loads of toys..mostly completely unuasable metal cars.
I have a small dream...that I could open a mine shaft into a 1960´s Level of an old rubbish tip and sift through the Contents...all the plastic stuff would have to be still in decent condition.. :-D

Hugh Walter said...

When we were kids we used to get a lot of our toys from the local 'tip' at the top of Hartley Wintney...it's housing and a Nature Reserve now...if only they knew what they're growing their veg on!

We'd go over on a Friday afternoon or Saturday, after the council men had gone home for the weekend and sift through the smouldering heaps - they use to burn in off on a Friday, but it would peter-out quite soon after the went home.

We got lots of 54mm plastics, a few small scale and most of our Humbrol and Airfix paints (a whole drawer-full once! And verious other things like toy guns and old slush-cast cars from Timpo are two I remember...

In Belgium (or Holland?) they have started mining old tips and dumps for recycling, something I predicted years ago. Once it's all rotted down it's easier to sort! And there will be old rusty tins of toy soldiers through the strata of the 1960's and '70's! Some of them pristine...and they clean-up well as these posts attest...Heaven!