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Friday, February 27, 2015

S is for Searchlight?

I was going to finally get the French figures published but Google have not only managed to loose one of the posts, but automatically replace it with an earlier-edit duplicate of one of the other three posts! Despite the fact they've been saved dozens of times, or that I uploaded the images 14 months ago! Now they are not answering my eMails!

Probably my last post for a week or two...a cry for help today...

..Rob eMailed me yesterday with a description of a searchlight he'd acquired and - without photographs I suggested Astra or Lone Star, photo's were forthcoming and it's neither, it doesn't seem to be Britains so can anyone Identify this searchlight for Rob? I'll tag it if we can get a definite maker.

The - originally silver-painted - dish is Lone Star 'like', but I don;t remember this in the range and it's not the same mounting as the vehicles...could it be a minor make like Kemlows or Benbros maybe?

Any help or contribution gratefully received by Rob, me and anyone else who might be interested!

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