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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

F is for Fighting Fops in Feathered Fedoras

A quick look at my small selection of Britains ECW figures, I only have the foot figures to view here (I think there's a horseless, broken-sword'ed,  lobster-pot'ed rider somewhere in storage?), along with a couple of knock-offs...

The duellists, we've looked at the red one before, he's marked ABC, the yellow one is more of a generic, but probably from the same source, there were a few Hong Kong brands with similar (or no) marks, we looked at them here a while ago (ABC, CM, CMV, HK, &etc.) , and they specialised in copying the better output of Britains, Crescent and Timpo...badly!

Britains varied the paint on these figures and a group together are really quite stunning, I think one of James Opie's books has a lovely en-mass picture of them and it makes you want to morgage the kids to a poppy-farm and buy loads of these!

If the two above are paired as a sword-fight, and the mounted figures make-up another 'pair', the third pair of this 6-pose set is really imbalanced, a musket against a poll-arm...it's just not cricket! Still, it's a rather tatty musketeer, maybe one of the pikes will get through while he's reloading!

The only figure in this set with a moveable arm; the musketeer presaged the German 'Tommy-gunner' in the Deetail range with the way the weapon is lined-up in the hand.

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