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Thursday, March 12, 2015

News, Views etc...Exhibition

Already running in Southampton if you're in the area or passing between now and the 10th of May...

I am hoping to go at the end of the month ('proper' birthday present!), but has anyone been? If you have drop an idea of your visit in the comments; is it worth going? Are there any howlers in the captions? What rarities are on display? Is there a booklet or exhibition catalogue worth having?

I'll try and get photo's when I attend, for a follow-up. There's bit more here: http://www.seacitymuseum.co.uk/?p=3003

and for the 4-11 age group there's a money-box making workshop thing: "Inspired by the War Games exhibition we will create personalised money boxes, complete with action figure to guard your pennies!", so get the corduroy shorts on and have a close shave...."Please, I'm only eleventy-eleven!"


Anonymous said...

I've seen that picture before- why are the stretcher bearers walking towards each other?

Hugh Walter said...

I thought the same thing! Perhaps they are moving the stretchers sideways round the camp!

I don't know if there are any Lineol in the group either (it's the exhibition 'flyer') but I think they're mostly Elasolin's figures?


Brian Carrick said...
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Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Brian....

....but that's your internal editing link! It's not letting me click on it (which is good), but a hacker might find it useful? I'll try and find the post the long way and then delete your comment, for safety's sake!


Hugh Walter said...

Brian Carrick covered the exhibition here...


...when it started in London, the Southampton showing is an on-tour version, he says don't expect too much, so expect less! I'm still going, and if you're in the area it's only six quid to get in!

Brian Carrick said...

Thanks for that Hugh, I thought the link looked a bit long but didn't realize the significance! The exhibition is certainly worth going to and I would go again if it came back to London.
Best wishes, Brian

Hugh Walter said...

No Worries Brian...I've done it myself...when I first started Blogging I put my Dashboard's URL on a forum!