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Saturday, June 13, 2015

M is for Mega Heroes

Also in 99p Stores (we just looked at Deadstone Valley below), are these chaps, Mighty Morphin Power Ranger clones if I ever saw Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Clones!

These have been around for a while, probably in different packageing? I first started picking them up in mixed lots about ten (?) years ago, and have a few of the smaller ones, in various states, in storage. The larger versions have either 3 pints of articulation, or none, I couldn't tell, and didn't bother looking, just shot them on the rack!

Peter Evans had given me a set of four littl'ies a couple of years ago, so these are they, note that the current issue have darker green and yellow versions, and I may have a pink one in storage...but I might be getting confused with the Galoob ones so don't quote me on that! The 99p Store ones are shipped by ITP Imports of West Yorks who are conveniently close to to a Poundworld megastore!

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