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Thursday, June 18, 2015

S is for Shield...Bouche, Buckler, Heater, Kite, Parma, Pavise, Targe, Target, Scutum

Odds and sods

Hong Kong copies of Timpo


Ramses said...

I can see this shield are transograms.
One is pink logo.
Is this color in any figure transogram?
I am collecting this kind of figures, and are very interested in contacting the person who has this shields.

Hugh Walter said...

Sorry Ramses it's an old archive shot, and they are probably not Transogram (some right shit's being said about them on-line at the moment), these were all from unmarked generics or Star Toys (S for Star) figures, Transogram have marked bases.


Ramses Mendez said...

Thank you very much for your reply. I have a set of knights of King Arthur of the 60's in 2 versions with their factory box. So far I have thought they are transograms. Later versions of these figures with the platform or base thicker than I buy later, the references have always been transograms also by sellers of more than 7 countries.
Only horses have the markings at their base. The figures just say Made in Hong Kong.
This is my FB page on this type of figures.
Children of the 80's
You can see on the cover page and the albums, photo collections I've done about these little soldiers. It is my passion to collect them, above all other brands.
But there is a great mystery to me. I can not find any reference to Complete Set, like the ones I already have in the later versions, some I would say, third version even cheaper plastic. And I say third version because the workmanship is different and the unions changed the thickness and size.
The second version, the helmets simulate the timpo helmets. But the figures are a little higher than those of 1960. Especially the mounted ones.
In the first there were only 2 types of helmets. One more round and the typical head of pot.

There are 5 colors so far detected by me different to the original ones (green, black, red and white crossed, similar to timpo.) And these are orange, olive green, blue, yellow and Carmelite.
A figure that I could not win at auction had a pothead, type timpo, in another shade of blue and the emblem of the shield.
Now I see this one in pink.
The difference between the timpo and transogram shields is that the plastic timpo is a trash, they leave very easy. And the material is weaker and thinner. For me timpo is the real copy. My personal opinion.
If you have time and like to enter my toys page, there you can see the photos of this that I speak to you.
Do you think I can share the photo from your file as reference material on my transogram writing?
I will investigate about the brand Star toys.
I hope there is the solution of the mystery of the new prototypes transogram.
Thank you again for your kindness.

Ramses Mendez said...

The name FB page , in fact are in another languaje.
The correct name is Niños de los 80's
Best Regards

Ramses Mendez said...

I just fell on my ass, checking my original boxes and seeing the white star with the S in the middle. Fuck transogram. So what have I been collecting as transograms? And then the transograms are the other freak versions? I'll investigate further, but you're right.
But perhaps apart from my astonishment and anger for all the time looking on the wrong side, if I can deduce that the copies of Star toys, are then the transograms? And that cheap versions, but like any shabby collector who wants to have variations, these are finally Chinese copies made in a sewer. Hahaha Right now I'm laughing at all this.
Thanks for your patience and ignore the previous email ..
I am a collector of Star toys and now I'm having breakfast in addition to the transograms. LOL