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Sunday, June 28, 2015

T is for Tanker Truck

The 1956 Ford F800 V8 Big Job with 'Conventional' cab to be exact...I'm informed? By Aurora. The same tanker-trailer 'semi' ('artic') was made available as a gasoline (petrol) tanker with a 1951/3 White's CoE (Cab-over-Engine) unit which now looks like a 1930's Sci-Fi movie model rather than a real truck!

In this configuration it was sold as a Milk Tanker and I have the transfers, but feel wont to use them when they are probably of more value/interest remaining on the backing paper...and they've yellowed quite severely so would probably break-up if I tried to slide them of the sheet?

They were sold as 'S-scale' (actually a gauge; 7/8ths of an inch between rails representing 4'8"s) which equates to 1:64th (one of the two US 'HO' sizes!), with figures around 27mm, this was a popular gauge between HO and O, with American Flyer being one company that specialised in the size.

Chunky parts, wheels turn, hood (bonnet) opens that's about it really, bit of a box-ticker, due to it's size it could be seriously 'Mad Max'ed' for Road Wars or something in 28mm Role Play...but find your own...vandal!

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