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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A is for Apple Tree

That's it really...apple tree, begins with 'A' you know...

Still on the runners, and that's how it's staying, once those apples are loose, it's curtains for completeness! Britains...it's an apple tree - I think!

I'm not being factious; I'm really, really tired. This is just a taster, most - not all - the Britains tree's will be appearing here over the next week or two, but I thought I'd start with a taster to give an idea of how they came, as there's not much you can do with a 'sprued' one - image wise, especially if you don't have the box.

....40 minutes later he wakes from a nap to find his neck and wrist hurt as one wert'leaning on 'touther! Points to note, mixed polymers, the base is a standard ethylene as are the branches, the fruit (apples!) are a softish PVC while the twistable trunk is a harder plastic probably polypropylene?

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