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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

C is for Candles...Three Candles!

Weird...it doesn't seem to work...I'm sure that was funny the last time I heard it! No matter...do you remember when Tom Clague sent the picture of the GI Candles, well I picked these up sans box/liner the other month from a cake-decorations shop in Basingrad.

But I hadn't recognised them from last April's post, and the way they were stuffed into the tray and hidden at the back of an old-school glass display cabinet/counter unit, I thought they were resin like just about everything else in the store, so passed on them as a rather odd take on the Hong Kong clone thing, when she actually had all five.

Close-up of one of the figures, a nice jade green wax and assuming the wick runs down through one leg only, you could end-up with a rather macabre battle-casualty...'Stumpy'! Tag list says Noup Design, and you know they're Matchbox clones.

[Later the same night...]

I forgot I'd photographed another one a couple of days later...the platoon runner/signaller guy, with that wick he looks like a particularly evil gnome! "Oooozzzziii Neinnmilllimeeeeetterrrrr!"

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