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Friday, July 3, 2015

P is for Peter Pan Playthings

When we looked at the MPC mini-planes a while ago, I mentioned briefly the 'rocket planes' in the other-makes round-up picture; last shot here. Well; synergy being what it is, they turned-up a few months later to explain the slot in their underside.

Found at Plastic Warrior' show in May, I tried to buy it but the owner had wandered-off and there was no price on it, so I just shot it for the archive! A pull-back, sprung-lever flic-fires the 'planes (I'd imagine with some force) across the carpet, possibly at an unsuspecting sibling...since known as 'one-eye'!

A reminder of the original three from my bag of bits. Two are marked Hong Kong and have crude stars on the wing-uppers, the third is unmarked, has smaller ailerons/tail-planes (?...horizontal/flat bits of the tail!) and cannon extending forward of the wing-tips, hinting at at-least two other makers of what was probably a common 'novelty' toy in the late 1950's.

I wouldn't be surprised to the learn the original was Thomas or Pyro, with moulds being shared to legitimate companies and the whole copied in HK by less legitimate ones!

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