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Friday, July 24, 2015

QC is for Quercetti & Co-Ma

This has been in Picasa for the longest time (years!) and I didn't really know what to do with it other than shove it on the correct archive dongle, but then the Coma ones turned-up and we had a post...of sorts!

Trouble was I photographed the box intending to shoot the contents too, but a customer bought it! And then I had to get it out (gingerly) to show him it was complete, it was beautiful, but frangible; with very fine polystyrene vanes and equally delicate legs - god knows how they survived more than one flight intact!

Then these turned-up, also catapult launched, they don't have a parachute attached, returning under their own steam. Consequently they are not delicate, but rather chunky-lumps of softer ethylene that can withstand a gravity-landing!

They also come in gold plastic and it's nice to find something else from this sought-after maker. Do you take it out of the bag? I think so - carefully, those elastics still look good to go!

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