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Sunday, July 26, 2015

T is for Two...Bagged Spacemen

Comparison between an American hard plastic (polystyrene) original and a soft plastic (polyethylene) Hong Kong generated copy. Neither gives a brand, and while the original is unpainted, the clone is given a three-colour stab-and-hope scheme of pink-flesh, black and silver 'highlights'.

The note on the back of the Hong Kong example - in James Opie's inimitable hand - tells us it was purchased in Islington (London) in March 1962 for the princely sum of sixpence - we (my brother and I) were still getting sixpence pocket-money in 1969, and it went a long way, especially if they were a few weeks in arrears when the Bank of Mum & Dad paid-out!

I think the 'A-OK' is by Ajax, a little smaller that the Archer space family, and distinctive by dint of the concertina elbow and knee joints.

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