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Friday, July 17, 2015

T is for Two...from the Tiber

Continuing to clear these old photographs, or the scans of them, here are a couple of interesting and less common Hong Kong copies, both of ancients, and both around the 35/40mm mark.

Strategically placed on my home-made plasterboard hills (long since consigned to land-fill), these two are more 35mm and are copies of Marx figures originally from the 'Warriors of the World' hand-painted 60mm series, the chap on the right would also be copied by Giant in 25mil, while the same company put the torso of the left-hand guy on a horse. I think I have a couple more now, but possibly only one other pose (standing with spear) and always in this flesh-coloured plastic. I assume Christmas crackers or cake decorations?

This horn-bower is closer to 40mm and seems to be another of those European lollipop or ice-cream stick ornaments/premiums, but the hole is different from the Soldabar/Plasticom ones, and he probably originated in HK, he's a copy of the Elastolin Roman and might be a copy across from the 40mm or pantographed-down from the 70mm. He's also very distorted by early removal from the mould. Again I think I've picked-up another since these were taken so one day we'll probably have another look at them., with the commoner Elastolin copies with the oviod disc-shaped bases.

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