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Saturday, August 15, 2015

A is for Accident!

This came in the other day, quite by accident, and not much of a cautionary tale as most collectors have 'been there' at least once! Saw a lot on evilBay, biggish, mixed lot with one or two nice pieces in it, three tight-wads had bid it up to 3-quid-something between them.

So I though (as you do!) I'll do the seller a favour by bidding it up a bit! Whacked in a £25 shot and forgot all about it...several days later found a demand for payment of nineteen-odd quid in my in-tray!

There were various other useful bits in the lot, so I'm happy with the hammer price, and this was in the lot - Timpo 'solid' knight (King Richard III, the Lionheart)...it's lost a fair bit of the transfers, but equally it's retained a fair bit of the transfers, so?

The colours - even on this tatty one - are so vibrant, they must have looked stunning originally, some lucky collectors probably have them near-mint, but this will do me...well happy!

The shield is the problem, the flag just looks a bit battle-worn! Funny thing is; I think I have a shield with a near-perfect transfer in storage somewhere without the mounting spigot, so at some point in the future I'll have to bite the bullet and try and swap them, which risks ruining them both, but will make an interesting post in a few years time!

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