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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

D is for "Dad...I 'fink I got it wrong again!"

Well, I've finally committed myself to the ultimate madness, I'm putting my archive on-line. I've spent the last week or two preparing 11 new Blogs, which - while 'live' - have mostly got nothing on at the moment. I have posted about 50 listings/cross-references on the 'A' page, and last night got 30-odd on the XYZ-Numerals page. More will come!

The numerals are easy, there's only 70-odd and while they are going 'at the end' now, I've always archived them at the front, before 'A', so they've had the most work, and are closest to ready!

The reason it's got to go on 11 separate Blogs is simply the tag-limit Blogger imposes, which is 2,000 tags per blog. With at least 880 'A's, and all the cross-references and individuals to be added, letters like A, M and S needed a blog to themselves. At some point some Blogs (I'm thinking of them as pages!) may be combined - or split - that remains to be seen.

At the current rate of progress, it will take about 20 years to get the estimated 22,000 entries up...so this will remain an ongoing work for the rest of my useful life! Contributions, updates and any relevant information will be welcomed and can be left in the comments, or eMailed. Obviously the more entries that are published the longer it will take to update them, but we'll see how it develops!

I'm checking everything as I go, some folders haven't been visited for years and it was in updating the 50-fifty entry last night that I found a new catalogue, had a flick through it and found these...

I don't think much of the fridge magnets, the red-force seem hopelessly outnumbered with nowhere to go, but the bottle-opener is an absolute 'must', but for the toy box, not opening bottles...I can see those arms breaking after not much use? They should both be in gift shops or catering-equipment shops by now, or certainly; will be in time for Christmas?

It also makes for a good example of what's happening here with these new Blogs; it's a simple listing, of a current company...

...so I just need to update my folder with a download of the catalogue, keep the link, shove two previous edits of the 'main entry' together, add a cropped out logo, hyper-links & tags, and it's done!

Someone like Marx on the other hand...

...looks quite neat on the dongle, until you delve into the folders...

 ...some don't look to bad...

...some are going to take weeks of work...

...while others need a lot of sorting out!

But there are some hi-def treasures in there still waiting for the full light of day...that sequence of images in the 'kins folder is a complete 'book' format set of fairykins. But you can see that while I'm throwing-up some easy ones to get the ball rolling, a full Marx listing will scroll of tens of yards! And Blue Box are in three different places!

But...now you know where I am if I'm not blogging here on the 'Home' Blog for the next few years! I'll get back to the numerals now...still 30-odd to do.


Anne O'Leary said...

Holy Christ, that's a lot of entries to do. I've done 10 posts this year and am trying to figure out how I'll make it to 20 before the end of the year.

Goldilocks is pretty high=def, but very charming. Have fun!

Paul´s Bods said...

They only allow 2000 tags per blog!? Bugger!!!

Hugh Walter said...

Anne - It's worse-case, I hope to get it done sooner! And for the time being they will be mostly text...but I will add images over time! And hopefully, once people realise the potential they will contribute to something which will be a resource for all?

Paul - yeah! And I'm over a 1000 now, here, which is what triggered this mad idea of giving every toy company it's own thread!

Cheers both

Gun Mayhem 2 said...

You will find there’s obviously much to be informed on this. I reckon you made some very nice points in Features also. Keep working ,well done!