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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

S is for Solpa's Senior Size

Blog follower Kostas from Greece kindly sent me a load of stuff to help with the Airfix Blog, and that is slowly being introduced or used over there, he also sent me a batch of Solpa images for the same purpose, some of which are more mixed in origin or subject matter, so I'm popping them up here for the general collector to peruse.

'Wild West', around the 54mm bracket, these would have come seperated into Cowboys and Indians I believe, and seem to be 'based on' rather than straight piracies of other makes figures, The Blue one; front, right, is intesting as I have several of this figure in different sizes, from Italy? Possibly a board-game piece? Possibly another maker?

Copies of Airfix and Britains WWII and Modern infantry types with a copy of a Lucky Products astronaut, who would have provided a slightly oversized enemy for the robots we looked at here.

Close-up of three of the figures, Solpa must have been quick off the mark to get the copy of the Airfix modern Russian into their range! I wonder if the Britains copy is from another source, he looks a bit crude for Solpa?

There are single-set images of these piracies - in more realistic colours - waiting in the queue for the Airfix Blog, but I almost prefer theses 'wacky' colours! A mix of clones; Airfix Japanese and Paratroops are the donors this time.

Some of the accessories that accompanied the boxed sets of figures, very 'Hong Kong' in execution, Solpa seemed never-the-less to produce domestically, or - if they did import - it was through a pretty exclusive contract-producer in the (former) colony?

Thank you Kostas!


Brian Carrick said...

Hi Hugh, a number of the figures in the top photo look like copies of the Lone Star Metallions range.
Best wishes, Brian

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Brian...you're right...and I was wondering!

There's a very good website somewhere (in German) which looks into the whole family of figures from those sculpts, and the Peltro/Fontanini poses, I'll try and find the bookmark.

I've been meaning to do a page myself to debunk the Kinder guys who think they're all Kinder when both both Peltro and Fontanini (as well as our importer - Westair) pre-date Kinder by some time.


Perceptor said...

Hi Hugh,

You are welcome. :) How are you? I was looking for playmobil copies and saw my pics :)
The blue one must be from the Greek company EPA. Not sure because they were selling them piece by piece from a box in a small food store.
It is the oldest one I have, somewhere around 1980-81

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Kostas...I've about three or four left for the Airfix blog, which I'm hoping to do over Christmas!