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Thursday, September 24, 2015

D is for Dulcop

When I covered some of the ACW stuff back in 2011, I indicated my intention to keep posting ACW-related things as the 150th unrolled over the 4-years of the conflict. When thinking the other day; "Hummm...didn't it end in '65, I better get some more posts out" I turned to Google (where else? This is 2015, not 1865!) and found that I'd missed the boat, the whole falutin' shootin' match was over by April...so here, for no reason at all is an ACW article!

These are by Dulcop, an Italian company, and while by no means a full sample - I have only one mounted and five foot poses across both belligerents, they nevertheless are a reasonable sample for anyone who hasn't encountered them before. Although as they are mostly clearly marked on the upper surface of the base, they are easy to ID when you do encounter them!

The top left image shows early and late paint styles for the Union/Federal forces, with the other shots showing an early painted Confederate officer and unpainted versions from a few years ago, these were part of the accidental lot the other week, so my sample was even poorer a couple of months back!

The bugler and mounted rebel came in the other day too, top left shows the whole sample without spares, it'll do; these are not that rare, should I get a sudden urge to track them down, but like a lot of Italian stuff, they are a bit gawky-looking in the sculpting, and these will do for now.

The mounted Confederate bugler, this is one of the many sets which follows the plastic colour rule for ACW toys, allowing the manufacturer to 'get away' with one set of sculpts, making them in blue for North and grey for South.

Dulcop are still around in some form, I shot these this afternoon in Poundland, but they've also got some 'Frozen' ones in The Works, so if someone had a bit of cash and was minded to, getting a production-run commissioned from the ACW or any other moulds should be quite easy - I imagine?

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