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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

H is for How They Come In - PW 2012

This is another of those posts I always feel a bit guilty about posting; sort of showing-off, even though I know they are popular posts when other people do them and I always like reading other Blogger's 'look what I got' posts, so here goes...also; it's from the 2012 show so I can't necessarily remember who gave me what, but I'll try to credit as I go!

Bottom left image is everything that came home after the show, with the various loose figures being my [definite] purchase, the various bags being either purchases or stuff people brought to the show for me. The Argentinian boxed set has been blogged - Here.

Mostly the 'own-purchases', the Blue Box 45mm Aussies and 25mm Germans have also both been covered, the khaki infantry were for the book project that became a page here somewhere (I've still got to get the text finished on the HK stuff!). The bits in the bottom right-hand corner were from Peter Evans I think - with a nice 'paper exercise' what-if Panzer, while we've looked at the shrinkage Indian boy from Thomas, and I don't know when or if the Aurora rats will get their own post!

3 bags of bits; at least one - if not all? - came from Gareth, but one may have come from Peter Bergner? More Blue Box in the sailors (copies of Merten and blogged separately somewhere), a 'nice-paint' runner from Gem/Culpitts and various other useful bits and bobs.

There are game playing pieces, premiums, cake decorations, kit figures, die-cast vehicle accessories...farm, zoo, fantasy and 'Wild West' and WWII..a motorcycle, tipper-truck, AFV's, boats...several dogs and a broken B52...bargain!

This was from my mate Trevor who always brings me a bag of the best bits! The Harry Potter knock-off Hagrid is the best thing here I think, but the Kenner Small Soldiers (?) were also useful as were the gold Romans, Blue Box wagon, Matchbox Battle-King figures &etc...the pile at the bottom needed further sorting...

...and this is initial sorting by horse type and figure type, the inset showing how they go together once they have been separated, with the common 'wavymane' horse and figures in the white circle, the 'pony' in the blue and the bits for further sorting in the black circle...we'll be looking at these properly when I get that page going.


Jan Ferris said...

I must say that you have some lovely bits of plastic here. Keep up the good work.

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Jan...bits and bobs! The black and red rubber pirates from Peter will reappear here in two days time...a quick look at your blog suggests you'll be gearing-up for TLAP day too I hope!