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Monday, September 14, 2015

M is for Militia...I hope!

So, not much posting recently, seem to have caught the 'Summer Hiatus' buzz! Also had a bit of a writers block/can't be arsed type thing going on there and some dodgy Internet service provision courtasy (or not courtasey..) of Vodafone!

Still, Sandown at the weekend means the autumn season is in full flow, Chicago for those lucky enough to attend (one day...one day!) in a week or so...and I must get some 'News, View's etc...' done in the next few days, the PW review has slipped...again!

A quick bit of news; For fans of the old Star Wars micro-machines...Hasbro issued new sets into UK toy retailers last Monday, or over that weekend, they seem very expensive so I'll wait until they get some more sensible clearance pricing in about 8 months time, or in a year or so when evilBay is flooded with them at 99p! I didn't look closely at them but the old 'standard' three vehicle (in this case 3 item) sets are there with a couple of figures each and there are larger transforming head type things...didn't see any all-figure 'army-builder' sets though.

So to the meat of this post - a purchase from Sandown Park on Saturday:

With so much of the Soviet-era toy figure production being semi-flat in either alloy or ethylene, it's always nice to find figures that are either fully-round or polystyrene, just for a change, and this chap fulfils both search criteria...

A note on the box states "Soviet Militia, circa 1962" and with no reason to doubt that I await a more knowledgeable mind than mine (he might be a composition under that thick lacquered paint finish?) to correct me or add anything? he's about 54mm, but doll-like and appears to be a styrene solid in what I guess is a dress uniform.

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