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Saturday, September 26, 2015

U is for Ubisoft

Credited to Ubisoft, a French 'games' manufacturer (originally Ubi Soft) - I use the inverted commas as it's 'games' as in interactive, on-line, X-Box type stuff, not Parker, Spears or Waddington's type stuff!

Presumably to support one of their gaming titles...Combat of Giants, Dragons. These were on clearance in The Works back in March/April, and - at 99p each - didn't last long. The bi-lingual spelling looks like these were originally also destined for the Spanish market?

Nothing to get excited about here, a transparent plastic jewel (presumably part of the game-play?), a points card and a collectors card or two...I think, I didn't study any of it, just took the shots and kept the figurine! This stuff is becoming two-a-penny, both games companies and pay-per-view TV companies try new lines all the time, like prepared meals in supermarkets, some work and become household names, some disappear after a few months or a few episodes, and occasionally there's a tie-in toy line, this is one of those! I haven't even Googled the game title...I really don't care!

The animals are OK and useful for 20/30mm role-play or sci-fi/fantasy war-gaming, but they are pretty crude as well as being distorted by the packaging, also the pinky-orange one is more robot or rock-like than he/she is dragony or dinosaury!

I don't know how many different sculpts there should be either, I'll have to look it all up for the A-Z one day, but that day's not today!

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