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Friday, October 30, 2015

News, Views etc...Plastic Warrior 160

So, a couple of weeks later than I intended, but a month or two earlier (better timed!) than usual!

Plastic Warrior's last issue:
Issue 160;

* Alwyn Brice continues the 'saga' of Elastolin's 40mm range.
* 'Minor Makers' returns to VP and Speedwell with interesting boxed sets.
* What the !&*$? finds David Pye seeking information on two interesting civilian figures and a Napoleonic (Italian or Spanish officer?) while Mike 'he finds all the best stuff' Harding has the most peculiar-based Flintstone figures to identify.
* Daniel Morgan's 'Herald Notes and Queries' moves to the Guards Brigade with four pages of scarlet.
* The new Hebrew/Israelite set from Engineer Basevitch is studied by Tom Stark.
* Les White gives a 'show-and-tell' of the first series Hobbit blind bag figures from Vivid Imaginations.
* A timely - and thorough - return to the Kellogg's Spacemen (made by Crescent) is penned by Gerald Edwards.
* A fascinating set of Ideal figures (I've never seen before) is studied by Colin Penn, being Justice League figures from the American 'Super hero' comics.
* Editorial content this month is 'More on Minor Makes', with input/feedback from Tomasz Karpowicz on more Khaki Infantry copies of Britains, Timpo and Speedwell poses.
* 'What's New' looks at new figures from...
- Classic Toy Soldiers (CTS) - Korean War
- Replicants - Smugglers ans Alan A'Dale
- Engineer Basevich - Cuban Revolution, WWII Soviets and Crimean Russians

*  Readers letters this month include
- PW's show feedback from Eric Keggans, Brenton and Debbie Hoffman and Debbie Stevens. Brian Shorthouse plugs a book.
- Eric Critchley waxes lyrical on the new (colour) update of the PW Johillco Special (available for all the usual sources, see links below).
- Juan Carlos Martin waxes lyrical on PW 159 and feedback's on that issue's What the !&*$?, Eric Keggans also praises the issue.
- More feedback from Patrick Broquet and an interesting Cherilea 'Khaki Infantry' set from Gerald Edwards are added to Paul 'Stads' Stadinger's musings on Deluxe Reading; Stads also shows new figures (Ancients) from Lodi Enterprises. [Lodi or Lod...?]
- Finally: Stephan Dance feeds-back on the Reddish Maid/Blue Box Wild West sets from the previous issue and adds Co-Operative Stores (Co-Op) to the mix!

[It's a fact that the new quarterly format, allows for this 'last issue' feedback, which in the past often appeared over the next two or three issues in no particular order, now the feedback tends to gather in the following issue, making it much easier to refer back to the previous volume]

* Plus all the usual small-ads.
* Front cover sees one of the Minor Makes (Speedwell) sets courtesy of Barney Brown.
* Back cover illustrates the new Replicants Smugglers in Daniel Morgan's mini diorama/vignette.
* 'News and Views and other stuff' covers Constant Scale, a Hornby kick-starter, requests for input on childhood memories and news on Publius's status, with a PW blog reminder (see link below).

Out for a while now, but plenty of time to get a subscription if you haven't yet...

Plastic warrior is now on-line here;
eMail; pw.editor@ntlworld.com

And they are on Paypal.

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