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Saturday, October 24, 2015

T is for Two - Silver Polymer!

As XH558, the last of the British V-Bomber fleet and the last of the truly independent nuclear deterrent carriers flies it's last and slides into retirement because our government of dead pig-fuckers would rather kau-tau to the totalitarian communist killers of the Glosters than support it's continued flight, I thought we could look at a model of the beast care of Tri-Ang, another British concern killed by the activities of the Far east and their inability to play by the rules - there are several copies of this with Hong Kong stamped on the base!

In Vulcan scale it's about 1:144, but with an oversize flight-deck/canopy and no engine exhausts! The fuselage is also a bit fat, it lacks the fine lines of a real Vulcan, one of the most stunning of delta-wing aircraft, but as toys go, it's a winner with its push-and-go flywheel engine.

To make the post: Another early British plastic toy, in unpainted, hard, silver, polystyrene plastic with the bronze bits that makes me think it's probably Tudor Rose, we looked at a green one here; T is for Tudor Rose, part 2 - loose-ends. This one has a shy driver! It also backs-up my musings re. the silver AA-wagon in the same link?


Ed and Bettina Berg said...

Ok, I'm droolin' :-) - Nice stuff Hugh!!

Hugh Walter said...

Neither of them are mine Ed! I've an HK copy of the plane by Lucky or 'EM', and a green version of the tank, but these were photographed on peoples stalls at two different shows!


Ed and Bettina Berg said...

oh well, cool to look at though!

Hugh Walter said...